RDW monitors that (Dutch) vehicles meet the safety and environmental requirements. RDW assesses whether rules and regulations have been met for all vehicles. Besides, RDW registers details of more than seven million vehicles, their owners and the accompanying documents. The registers are an important source of information for governments, the business community and social organizations. This way, RDW is a link between the government and the market.


The Police help civilians and maintain public order and criminal legal order. The Police also have principal responsibility for creating safety and fighting (vehicle) crime. In order to be able to provide safety in our country effectively, the Police need to dispose of a lot of information. For that purpose, the Police and public and private partners need to exchange information.


The Vehicle Crime Insurance Agency Foundation (VbV) is a joint initiative of all Dutch insurers to fight vehicle, vessel, work material and transport crime. VbV closely cooperates with public and private partners. VbV advocates the common interests of Dutch insurers, the vehicle sector, lease companies, rental companies and other parties that are negatively influenced by vehicle, vessel, work material and transport crime. VbV exchanges knowledge and information with the parties that work together in LIV.