Service and products

LIV is the central vehicle crime office for the partners (the Police, insurers and RDW) and other public investigation services and individual insurance companies.

Based on this role, LIV provides the following services and products:

Information coordination

LIV operates as an intermediary when exchanging indications between the partners and placing links related to objects and subjects between investigations, subjects and themes.

Vehicle identification - determine vehicle original identity

LIV supports investigation agencies and inspection stations by supplying identification data. Based on that, vehicle authenticity can be checked and determined. If necessary, forensic vehicle identification investigators inspect the vehicle in order to determine its identity.

Falsifications - investigation of false and forged documents

LIV investigates all kinds of documents, such as driving licences and both national and international license number certificates, as soon the authenticity is questioned by the control authority.

Investigation support - information for the purpose of investigative proceedings

LIV supports investigation agencies in investigating vehicle crime. In concrete cases, LIV acts as an extension of the Criminal Investigation Department. In those cases, LIV provides information from the vehicle license number register, among other things.

Analysis - trends, connections and forecasts

LIV supplies information based on stored data (mainly figures). After an analysis and interpretation of these data, LIV gives solicited and unsolicited advice. The emphasis is on an analysis of theft figures, a review of (investigation) procedures and legislation. The goal is to signal ‘crime trends’ at an early stage.